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When you need to glue pieces together be it wood, cornices, PVC materials and more, Fairplay Hardware has various adhesives to suit your needs. We have adhesives and or contact glue for every surface. (Adhesives, Contact Adhesive, Wood Glue, PVC Glue, Carpet and Vinyl Adhesive, Super Glue, Silicone Sealant, Tile Glue).

Boards & Accessories

Fairplay Hardware Boards & Decor has a highly dedicated boards division that stocks a range of wood-based boards for all your kitchen and carpentry needs. In addition to wide range, we offer kitchen units designing, boards cutting, board edging, hole making and delivery. We got supawood, chipboard, melamine boards, glossy boards, granite boards, cappuccino boards, black cherry, post form tops, drawer runners, handles, hinges, legs, fasteners, wood vanish and more.


Add a finishing touch to your beautiful home with our range of decorative products to suit your needs. We boast a wide range of PVC Ceiling, Ceiling Tiles, Cornices, Orientale cote, wall paper, Wall Deco panels, ceiling lights and more.

Doors & Frames

Choose the right door and make a difference to your home by giving your home an elegant touch. At Fairplay Hardware we help you finish your home in style. We stock beautiful interior and exterior doors at unbelievable prices together with hinges and fittings. We got huge selection on interior doors, entrance doors, pivot doors, security doors, sliding doors, garage doors, aluminium doors. sidelight and steel door frames.

Electrical & lighting

Are you looking to heat or cool your home? Are looking for some stylish lights that will both ignite and decorate your home? Do you need some energy saving LED globe or just an extension cable or adapter? We have got it all here at Fairplay Hardware's Electrical division. We also stock a huge range of electrical accessories, indoor & outdoor lighting just for you.

Fasteners, Screws, Bolts & Nuts.

From boxed drywall screws and metal framing fasteners to collated screws, wood screws, roofing and wall nails, bolts and nuts, washers and more, Fairplay hardware has the widest range to help you finish the job.

Garden Tools

Get some great garden tools, accessories and products from us for all your garden projects. We stock wide range of garden tools from brands such as Lasher, Gardena, Ryobi and more. At Fairplay Hardware, we got shovels, spade, rake, garden fork, hoes, pick, machete, draglines, hose pipe and more for you to grow the perfect garden.

Hand & Power Tools

We are proud to say at Fairplay Hardware we got the right tools to get any job done. Be it hand tools to the various power tools, accessories and tool storage from trusted brands, we have got the right tools you need for any D.I.Y. project.

Paint & Accessories

Transform your home inside and out with our beautiful and wide range of high- quality paint and decor products. We would love to help you finish your you in style. Visit Fairplay Hardware paint division at any of our branches in Mokopane, Nobody, Bochum and Lebowakgomo get the job done. We stock brands as Dulux Paint, Duram Paint, Excelsior Paint, Olympic, Splash Pant, Academy Brushware, Powafix and more.


For all your plumbing requirements for your repair jobs, new house or office block, Fairplay Hardware will provide you with all the basic plumbing equipment and products. From pipes, fittings, drain cleaning products, to taps and accessories, we have what you need for all the household projects. We have enough stock on various plumbing products on PVC Pipes, Copper tubing, fittings, geyser, taps, water tanks, water pumps, valves, connectors, clamps and more.


When it comes to roofing, we have different types of roofing solutions for houses, schools, complexes warehouses and more. We have corrugated iron, IBR Sheet, Concrete Roof tiles, Harvey Roof tiles, Undertile membrane, truss hangers, gutters, rainwater products and more. For all roofing solutions, Fairplay Hardware got you covered.

Steel & Fencing

Steel products are universally used in most household and construction projects. We are stockists of a wide variety of steel and fencing products to be used for various projects such as MSR, round bar, flat bar, round tubing, square tubing, lip channel, galvanised wire, barbed wire, steel post, standard steel, corner post, stay steel, diamond mesh, Galvanised wire, razor wire and more.

Taps & Mixers

Modern design, exquisite and refreshingly high-quality taps and mixers available. At Fairplay Hardware Boards & Decor, you will find an abundance of premium taps& mixers for showers, bathrooms and kitchens. Visit Fairplay Hardware Nobody, Mokopane, Lebowakgomo Bochum & Jane Furse and choose for yourself.

Tiles & Flooring

For quality tiling and flooring for every surface in the house, office Fairplay Hardware has the solution for you. We boast a large collection of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and cladding tiles for all floors and walls as well as laminate and real wood flooring. At Fairplay Hardware Tiles Division, all our porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and wooden flooring give any wall or floor a fantastic visual impact thus bringing an unexpected luxury finish. We also have tile adhesive and accessories to make it a complete package.


Our sales team will read your plan and calculate timber and roofing requirements and quote accordingly Visit Fairplay Hardware Nobody, Mokopane, Lebowakgomo & Bochum for all your timber requirements.

Bathroom & Amenities

After a long day, one would love to have a nice shower or bath to revive their being. Our beautiful, elegant & comprehensive range of bathroom products and accessories will give your bathroom a captivating look and feel. From world class bathtubs, Jacuzzi, shower rooms, washdowns, bath mixers, basins, mirrors, to towel rails and other accessories, Fairplay Hardware has it all.

General Hardware

When it comes to helping you to build your dream home, Fairplay hardware has everything that you need. We have a range of hardware and building products such as cement, brick force, dump course, concrete, building columns, lintels, bricks, green sheeting, terminex, builders tools more.


Board Cutting and Edging

Glass Cutting

Steel Cutting

Plan Reading